Intense waterjet pump transforms plain coloured tiles into psychedelic artworks

When we spotted this striking collection of designs by Southside Waterjet, which transforms ceramic tiles from Johnson Tiles' Prismatics range into unique works of art, we simply had to share it.

London-based cutting and fabrication company, Southside Waterjet, uses the most advanced technology available to create bespoke pieces of art. And the results are truly stunning.

The waterjet process involves a high velocity stream of sand suspended into a flow of ultra high-pressure water, produced by an intensifier pump. As well as being efficient, the process is also eco-friendly.

Peter Noyce, Managing Director of Southside Waterjet, explains: “With the Prismatics range we tried to create abstract bespoke pieces that display the range of colours and how they interact with each other, and also how waterjet technology can be used to create interesting and unique designs for architectural surfaces.”

The designs, which range from psychedelia to futurism, include both retro and contemporary elements. Discover more at and

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Southside Waterjet


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