Threaded illustrations of beautiful women and animals by Ezgi Pamir

It's one thing to be able to draw beautifully detailed illustrations of people and nature; it's a completely different story if you can thread artworks using different coloured cotton and textures. These incredible embroidered portraits of women and animals by Turkey creative Ezgi Pamir will simply blow your mind.

We especially love the ones that add a little more, like a red scarf wrapped around the character's neck and seemingly blowing off the canvas. And if you take a closer look at each artwork, you can spot the tiny details that when you take a step back add so much more realism and drama to each portrait.

A stage and costume designer based in Istanbul, Ezgi also prides herself as a freelance illustrator and creates these embroidered illustrations during her spare time. Follow Ezgi on Instagram to enjoy seeing her latest creations. Or you can connect with her on Behance.

Via Behance | All images courtesy of Ezgi Pamir


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