Five easy tricks to win over clients who are dragging their feet

Clients can sometimes take their time when deciding whether to hire freelancers. They might not be sure if they should go ahead, or be unconvinced that they’ve found the right person for the job.

Image courtesy of [Adobe Stock](

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

If this sounds familiar, and you’re waiting on that call or email to say 'go', then there are steps you can take to seal the deal. The following five easy tricks will help you strike while the iron’s hot:

1. Work as you mean to go on

Treat the client like you’re already hired. Use language like ‘we’ and ‘our’ to firmly marking your place on the team. Care deeply about their brand and go above and beyond expectations to show that you’re passionate about helping them succeed. That’s whether you’re pitching, emailing or speaking to them over the phone – be personable and enthusiastic. Remember, people buy into people, not brands. If they like you and feel as though you’re already a part of their company structure, you can’t go wrong.

2. Offer a discounted introductory rate

Often the biggest hurdle to hiring anyone is the price. Make yourself irresistible and lessen the perceived risk by offering a discounted introductory rate, perhaps for the first three months. It’ll sweeten the deal and ensure the client doesn’t go elsewhere. Just make sure you have this term in writing, so you’re able to reintroduce your standard rate once the initial period is up.

3. Set up a workshop to kick things off

The client loved your pitch. They didn’t flinch at your day rate. Now you just need to get going before they change their mind. This is where the suggestion of an initial workshop is a great idea. It’s a chance to get a foot in the door and meet the internal people who you’ll be working with. Perhaps you can create an agenda, or even a mood board, to act as a talking point and allow everyone involved to plot out the next steps. Every project has to start somewhere. It’s best that you firmly plant yourself in the strategic process, so you don’t miss a trick and can ensure you’re included in the weeks and months to come.

4. Remind them you’re available and in demand

Still not getting anywhere? Remind them you’re still available. That’s whether you opt for sending a newsletter (with their permission, of course) or simply point them to a blog post or tweet, potential clients might be swayed if they see how well you’re doing elsewhere. Seeing great case studies sparks their curiosity. It gets them thinking “we really need to hire that guy”. You want to appear ‘in demand’ and delivering solid work. It makes you irresistible and keeps the competition at bay.

5. Let them know you care

Nothing convinces a client more that you’re the right person for the job than showing passion for their own company. Drop them a friendly line to point them to a relevant news article you think they’d find interesting. Or inform them of something one of their competitors has done. It keeps you fresh in their mind, so when they’re ready to go ahead – you’ll be the first person they call.


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