Digital artworks that look like oil paintings by Phil Galloway

A traditional fine artist, Phil Galloway has temporarily stored away his usual paintbrushes and oils to instead explore the possibilities of digital paint. Using a trusty Surface Pro 3 or Lumia 1520 along with the Fresh Paint or Artrage apps, he manipulates the pixels on the screen as he would oils on a canvas to create bold, colourful and honest portraits. His work is host to swathes of colour and expressive strokes.

Galloway explains: "My mission is to develop my traditional methods of art and drawing through mobile technology to produce realistic interpretations in digital paint. I want to fulfil, yet also challenge people’s perception of traditional art by producing engaging works in which people question how it was produced, what medium was used and on what platform it was created on."

Based in Davenham, Cheshire, Galloway is a freelance artist, available for commissions and projects. He gained his Masters in the History of Art at Aberdeen University and after a decade of working in and running behavioural difficulty schools, he has returned to his creative passion after discovering the possibilities of digital art combined with more traditional pencil work.

His artworks are already getting global attention and he has even collaborated with Microsoft and Lumia on many occasions, won digital art competitions internationally and has exhibited his work across the UK and USA. Make sure you watch the video below, which shows his collaboration with Microsoft.


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