In Control: Embroidered artworks of contraceptives tackles women's rights

In her series In Control, New York City-based artist Katrina Majkut rejects the stereotypical domestic functionality of embroidery and empowers women by incorporating real modern, physical needs – taking into account the current debate over women's reproductive rights.

The collection of embroidered 'feminist' art explores the various types of contraceptives available on the market – whether injectable or insertable.

Katrina explains: "Historically, embroidery prepared women for marriage. Samplers represented domestic skill levels and specific cultural and religious values to potential husbands who sought a woman with the right skills to establish a household – make clothes, darn socks.

"Cross-stitch was used to advertise and represent womanhood, wifedom and motherhood but bodily functions, autonomy and diverse lifestyles was not part of this textile practice. The 'domestic craft' of In Control attempts to counter this by attempting to stitch all products related to women’s health and needs with a fully comprehensive, bipartisan, educational and medically honest approach."

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Katrina was recently listed as one of four international artists starting a new chapter in feminist art by Mic Media and highlighted as a must-see artist by Hyperallergic. You can view more of her artwork at


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