Illustrations of horror and humour, the serious and the fanciful by Allison Conway

The immense detail and drama behind Allison Conway's illustrations reveal a style that explores the serious and the fanciful and combines both horror and humour. And her tool of choice? A Zebra ballpoint pen.

An illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York and a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, Allison's clients include The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Yale University and The College of Charleston Magazine. She also has her own comic series about a pillbug's life on Vice Comics where you can follow the adventures of Millie and friends.

Allison grew up next to a swamp in Wisconsin where she would stare at tiny organisms in the murky waters for hours. "Three times I was able to save a painted turtle nest that didn’t hatch at the end of the year," she explains. "On hot summers the mosquitoes could be so bad that the backyard sounded like a spaceship from the hum. My illustrations are inspired by swamps and delve into worlds hidden within worlds like wildlife concealed in the grass or microorganisms that are impossible to see."

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All images courtesy of Allison Conway


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