Hyperrealistic art that looks like photographs of beautiful women drenched in honey

When you first look at the stunning oil paintings of German artist Mike Dargas you'd easily mistake them for photographs. Hyperrealistic and intricate, the portraits are so incredibly perfect that you simply can't decipher how he was able to do it.

All images courtesy of Mike Dargas

All images courtesy of Mike Dargas

Born in 1983 in Cologne, Dargas began to paint as a young child. By the age of eleven, he was taking his artistic talent to the streets after discovering pavement painting, and he drew pictures of the old masters in pastel and chalk on Cologne's cathedral square. This followed with 18 months at a local art school, where Dargas was the only child in an adult group.

He then went on to create three-dimensional art and modelled sculptures out ​​of wood. In his early twenties, he made a name for himself on the tattoo scene. Here, he won numerous prizes and awards and was inspired by artists such as Dali and Caravaggio where he could deal more often with surrealism and realism. Today, Dargas loves to create hyperrealistic oil paintings that look like photographs, in an ongoing pursuit of perfection.

Discover more of his amazing work at www.mikedargas.com.


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