Human Perspectives: Andy Denzler's glitched paintings of people in their intimate moments

In his new series of paintings, Human Perspectives, Andy Denzler is inspired by the human figure seen through different lenses.

Like his previous work, he creates theatre-like settings using his personal photographs to assemble a collage, which he then paints on canvas alla prima with multiple layers of impasto oil paint. Before the surface dries, he pulls the paint with a spatula or a palette knife to reveal a distorted image, frozen in time, between abstraction and figuration.

Denzler developed his own visual language through the exploration of distortion and movement in the representation of the human figure. His paintings are reminiscent of images rendered by a paused VHS tape or other digital glitch and often depict people in their intimacy all the while remaining anonymous.

Denzler lives and works in Zurich. In 2006, he received his Master of Fine Arts at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. He is considered one of the most recognised painters of today’s international art scene and his works have been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Human Perspectives will be on show at the Opera Gallery Zurich from 7 December 2018 until 5 January 2019. Discover more


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