Here Design creates new brand identity for Teatulia, infused with Bangladeshi culture

Here Design has created a bold and colourful new brand identity for Bangladeshi tea brand Teatulia’s UK launch.

A social enterprise designed to create jobs in a remote region of Bangladesh, Teatulia has transformed 3,000 acres of barren land into an organic tea garden. London-based Here has used this heritage and unusual market position as inspiration for a vivid visual design that moves away from the typical generic references, such as floral patterns, that many tea brands lean towards.

“In Bangladesh, tea is not seen as homely or healthy, but a social event, an occasion for laughter and debate,” says Ahsan Akbar of Teatulia. "These brilliant and stylish new designs draw ingeniously on Bangladeshi culture to create teas that will stand out wherever they are seen."

With influence from renowned Indian filmmaker and graphic designer Satyajit Ray, the on-pack design is infused with local culture, with lush colours and Bengali script. Copy on the packaging has been stripped back, with geometric patterns in bold, vivid colours taking centre stage. Here Design found inspiration for these jewel-like colours in the clothing of local women working in the tea garden, standing out against a sea of green foliage.

The stories of these women and the wider brand are told in more detail within Teatulia’s new flagship store in Covent Garden, with the history of the co-operative incorporated into the retail design, encouraging customers to ask questions and unveil the stories of the women behind the brand.

“Tea has played the role of the gentle sister to coffee’s macho big brother for too long – we wanted to work with Teatulia to change all that and show the world just how bold and vibrant tea can be,” says Tess Wicksteed, Strategy Partner, Here Design. “On every level, from the women who pick the tea to the newly focussed portfolio - Teatulia is a community of strong, purposeful individuals – bold and colourful.”


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