Golden honey dripped over naked models to create interesting sculptures

An award-winning, Los Angeles-based photographer, Blake Little has gained quite a reputation for being a favourite amongst celebrities, household name brands and some of the world's largest publications. He has worked with the likes of Steve Carell, Samuel L. Jackson and Gwyneth Paltrow, to name but a few, and has photographed for magazines such as Entertainment Weekly, People and TIME.

All images courtesy of Blake Little

All images courtesy of Blake Little

In his latest work entitled Preservation, and now documented in a new book, Blake pours golden honey over several naked subjects and then captures them on camera to preserve them forever, almost as though they were encased for millions of years in amber.

As explained further in the book's foreword by Kenneth Lapatin, associate curator of Antiquities at J. Paul Getty Museum: "He [Blake] was amazed by honey's transformations when dripped, dribbled, and poured over the human body, and how it can distort and amplify forms, highlight physical perfection, engender repulsion, and suggest both immortality and death.

"For Blake, gleaming, golden honey has a way of diffusing the personal qualities of his subjects, often making them unrecognisable, democratising their traits into something altogether different and universal. Sometimes terrifying, it can encase his subjects, almost larvae-like in primordial ooze."


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