Futura creates packaging with illustrated 'pistachio-worshippers' for new milk brand

Mexico City-based Futura has created the visual identity for the new pistachio milk brand, Táche. Having launched just three months back, according to Táche, the milk is "answering today's evolving consumer demand for a more healthy, socially impactful, and sustainable milk option".

It was created by New York-based CEO Roxana Saidi, who was keen to infuse her Iranian and Persian culture into the brand. The branding itself used "sophisticated humour and elegance", with a central character who shares the brand's name Táche who "worships" pistachios "as if they were gods", thanks to their health and nutritional benefits.

This idea is played out through a series of surreal-leaning illustrations on packaging depicting playful characters who treat their pistachio like a "precious gem".

"This milk is positioned as a fun and unique brand that makes healthy and sustainable pistachio products," says Futura. "For this identity, we created a unique graphic that, with sophisticated humour, makes it stand out and transmits the story behind the product...a versatile icon that revolves around the concept of honouring the pistachio as if it were a god and honouring its qualities and nutrients. This idea is complemented by illustrations of curious and funny characters who, through a surreal touch, adore the pistachio in different ways: the pistachio becomes a jewel.

A slim, classic-looking serif typeface is used across the branding with a subtle colour palette in shades of green that reflect the natural hues of pistachios. Táche describes the look and feel as "premium-looking, and personality-driven" while also aligning with Instagram-savvy "millennial-focused products" that often share a similar colour palette.

Futura is also helping create Táche merch, including bucket hats and socks, as well as social graphics.


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