Franck Bohbot captures City of Angels in dreamy photography series

Los Angeles is very much having a moment. Leafy palms, pastel pink cars and blue skies and sea are all present in popular culture here in the UK. Fifties' nostalgia, it seems, is here to stay.

All images copyright and courtesy of Franck Bohbot

All images copyright and courtesy of Franck Bohbot

Internationally celebrated photographer Franck Bohbot has recently captured the dreamlike landscape of the iconic 'City of Angels' in his latest series.

His artist statement, written by Sarah V. Schweig, reads: "Almost everyone has some idea of what Los Angeles is, even if they've never been there. Home to Hollywood, the city churns out myth after American myth. Some see the city as a necessary part of a glamorous life — they migrate there to become stars. Others live ordinary lives and work ordinary jobs in this city of spectacle.

"Here, even the metallic glinting pole of exercise equipment along the shoreline, or a solitary streetlight in neon darkness, or a thrust of power lines cutting across the sky, captures something essential about the so-called City of Angels."

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