Fellow Studio crafts brand identity and immersive narrative for Holiday Best

Despite the competition in the travel industry, many of the big players are seen as unreliable and untrustworthy. That leaves a gap in the market that the new company Holiday Best aims to fill. London agency Fellow Studio explain how they collaborated on developing this new brand.

While lockdown might have been calamitous for the holiday industry, it also had a silver lining. Now that we're free to travel again, many of us see travel in a new light; it is very much a case of absence making the heart grow fonder.

But at the same time, travel often remains a crappy experience, with flights and hotels cancelled at the last minute, holiday companies communicating poorly, and just a general sense that many of the big players don't care about the customer. So, there's definitely room in the market to build a brand people can trust.

Earlier this year, Fellow Studio, a visual branding agency based in London, partnered with new travel firm Holiday Best to create just that. Launched this March, the company provides customers with comprehensive travel solutions with a range of flexible options.

Brand concept

The aim of Holiday Best is to reimagine package holidays, ushering in an era of tailor-made travel experiences that resonate deeply with the modern traveller's desire for personalisation, authenticity, and memorable moments for seasonal explorers and family holiday enthusiasts.

"Fellow's collaboration with Holiday Best was not just about designing a brand; it was about crafting an immersive narrative that mirrors the essence of what every traveller expects when enjoying a package holiday; that it is all to be taken care of," explains Paul Crump, co-founder and creative director at Fellow. "We aimed to shape an identity that becomes a partner for travellers, a reflection of their aspirations and interests."

Through strategic workshops and competitor analysis, it became evident that customers desire a package holiday tailored to their unique interests and requirements, where they feel heard and provided a bespoke experience without the inflated price tag. This individuality, combined with the overall experience, contributes to creating a memorable getaway.

This realisation led Fellow to the development of the strategic direction — "Travel as it should be," supporting customers every step of the way. This approach focuses on the finer details that define what 'best' means for each customer. Central to the brand strategy is the use of storytelling to describe exceptional holidays by recounting significant and defining moments of our time away from home.

Visual design

As for the visuals, Fellow Studio needed to craft an identity that would resonate across a diverse audience demographic – from families and young couples to empty nesters and solo adventurers – which was pivotal.

The infusion of a vibrant colour palette, reminiscent of the Mediterranean landscapes ventured by Holiday Best, bestows the brand with a fresh and inviting aura. This palette not only distinguishes Holiday Best from conventional package holiday providers but also seamlessly merges with the broader industry landscape.

Through typography and copy, the brand's personality can shine, utilising a rounded sans-serif as the brand font. This font choice conveys an approachable character and the sense of enjoyment a holiday can bring.

This is further reflected in the photography styling, showcasing a narrative customers could envision themselves experiencing. The idea is that imagery feels natural, honest and unposed.

Brand system

Fellow developed a brand system that utilises an underline highlighting device to define what 'best' entails, emphasising key benefits and experiences individuals seek in their holiday. This device is consistently employed in imagery and copy, serving as a focal point that signifies quality.

The underline motif also forms an aviation symbol within the primary logo lock-up. Drawing inspiration from the departures symbol familiar at airports, Fellow Studio crafted a symbol embodying the concept of 'Defining best.' It not only resembles a tick-box but also a plane taking off to a sun-kissed destination.

"Fellow Studio's partnership led to a successful brand launch, meeting all deliverables and deadlines with reliability," says John Milburn, chief marketing officer at Holiday Best. "Communication was efficient through meetings and email, showcasing their collaborative, honest, and easy-to-work-with approach."

Post-launch, Fellows and Holiday Best have continued to collaborate closely to extend the brand across various activations and collateral. This has encompassed livery, exhibitions, motion graphics and art direction.


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