Embroidered landscape art that seems to spill out of its canvas by Ana Teresa Barboza

Embroidery artist Ana Teresa Barboza creates land and seascapes that are part tapestry, part sculpture. The scenes have a feeling of depth due to the way that the thread cascades dramatically from the frame, taking the concept of 3D artwork to a new level.

Speaking of her work, she said: "I’m interested in the different concepts one can arrive at by using clothing and embroidery as an artistic medium. An important part of my work revolves around the human body. At first, I used needlework and embroidery to fragment, recompose and decorate the human body. I worked with self-portraits; photographs printed on fabric that were later intervened with embroidery, and decorative patterns that served as camouflage."

To see more of Ana's work visit her website.


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