Elliot Dear of Blinkink directs a new spot for Starling of a heroic business owner setting off in a flying shed

Sometimes it can feel like you're hurtling through the air, weathering many storms when you run your own business. A new ad by Wonderhood Studios and Bountiful Cow for Starling brings this to life in a campaign to promote the bank's business account.

In the 60-second TV spot Helping Business Fly directed by Elliot Dear through Blinkink, we follow the journey of a small business owner, heroically setting off into the unknown. She waves goodbye to her supportive family before her shed/home office literally takes off with the help of the Starling app. Her adventure takes us on the relatable highs and lows of starting a new business finishing on breaking through the clouds and being in the clear with a 'murmuration' of other SMEs that have also made it. 

Starling CEO Anne Boden says: "We wanted to do something different and authentic that hadn’t been done before. When business owners see the campaign, we want them to feel inspired and courageous. To see that they can do it as well."

Aidan McClure of Wonderhood Studios adds: "For anyone who's started their own business they'll recognise that feeling of plummeting towards certain ruin before turning on a dime and soaring through the clouds. This campaign has been lovingly crafted for those heroes."

The creative concept was brought to life with both live-action as well as through miniatures and practical effects to give it a hand-crafted authentic feel. The Hollywood score, re-recorded with a full orchestra, gives the ad a family movie feel and sets the tone of optimism and bravery. 

Elliot Dear, director at Blinkink says: "I love shooting with miniatures. I've always been fascinated with how they achieved the special effects in Hollywood films before CG was an option, and most of my favourite movies use models and practical effects. The design and build part of a project is really enjoyable for me, and I personally love watching the skill and craft that goes into making a scale model.

"When it comes to the filming, I feel that there's a certain quality to the finish of a miniature, coupled with the real light and lenses, that can often make it feel more realistic, and any movement tends to feel more organic and nuanced. It really depends on what the effect is, but for me, it's a far more enjoyable process than solely using CG, and has a charm that's difficult to simulate... although I do like to use CG to augment miniatures and add any finishing touches."

The campaign launched during half-time of the Six Nations England vs Ireland rugby match on Sunday, and was followed by spots in prominent shows such the latest series of Homeland on C4, ITV's new drama Flesh and Blood and Sky One's new show Intelligence. It is supported by national premium outdoor and radio.


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