Edible Art: Intricate sugar sculptures by Kristiane Kegelmann are too beautiful to eat

It's hard to imagine anyone tucking into these incredible edible sculptures by Berlin-based food designer Kristiane Kegelmann, but that's exactly what you can do. Without doubt her sugary creations sit firmly in the field of art, but she also aims to perfect the taste of each one using textures and flavours to deliver delicious patisserie treats.

Speaking of her unique work, Kristiane said: "As a food designer I am interpreting the patisserie in a completely new and unrestrained format. With my sculptures and performative installations I want to question the rigid ties of the patisserie and then incorporate such discoveries into an artistic context. Do edible pieces always have to be consumed the same way? Do these persistently have to have an equal, unmistakeable outward appearance?

"Nowadays the aesthetics and the ambience are strongly focused on the sense of taste. Inspired by specific Sujets, I evolve individual creations into edible installations, drawing on traditional and new flavour compositions with natural and aromatic ingredients. I aim to enliven the composed experience from the endless sensory and visual combinations. My installation concept and execution involves a synergy of colours, shapes, fancy textures and exceptional flavour constitutions."

Kristiane will be exhibiting during Berlin Art Week this month at Kurt-Kurt gallery in Berlin. To find out more about her work, visit www.kristianekegelmann.com.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of the artist


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