Deliciously naughty & voyeuristic paintings of imagined posh neighbours

New York artist Bradley Wood has a very active imagination and believes he has become somewhat of a voyeur since moving out of the city to the suburbs. With his slower pace of life, that might sometimes bring boredom, Wood likes to imagine up naughty imagined scenarios of his unknown wealthy neighbours.

All images courtesy of the artist and Parts Gallery

All images courtesy of the artist and Parts Gallery

He explained: "We needed enough space to live and work and found ourselves looking further and further outside metropolitan NY. We ended up settling about 25 miles north, moving into a modest mid-century home in a town filled with bankers and lawyers and diplomats -- the complete antithesis of an artist community, dirty sidewalks replaced with manicured lawns.

"The basement became my new studio. I spent hours at a time in my own world, unaware of my surrounding... until every so often, I would come up for air. Many afternoons, I found myself walking among the virtual mansions right outside my door. I began to fixate on them, my imagination going wild as I wondered about the people inside, my neighbours. I returned to my studio and began combining luscious oils and ironic narrative to invite myself into a world that both attracts and repulses me. Whether this world is reality or strictly fantasy, it almost doesn't matter. They're the neighbours I've come to know."

Bradley is currently exhibiting at the Parts Gallery in Toronto, Canada.


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