Metamorphism and chess-inspired illustrative packaging designs for Salad & Jam

Romania-based food and beverage design agency, CreativeByDefinition has created the striking packaging for the range Salad & Jam.

The agency took a beautifully simple, illustrative approach to the designs, which see portrayals of the signature ingredients in each variant take centre stage across jar labels. Each image, however, has a twist, inspired by the idea of metamorphosis.

Each product features an illustration that merges the key fruit or vegetable in the jar with an icon from a chessboard. So the Eggplant salad, for instance, bears a curved aubergine with go-faster like leaves across its back, giving a sense of dynamism to a euphemistic vegetable that here, is placed on a chess plinth to appear like a knight.

Meanwhile, the Mushroom Salad jar shows the signature fungi with a cross headdress that gives it the appearance of a bishop; while the Radish Salad in its glorious popping pink is open to interpretation – maybe it's a regal crown, perhaps it's the top of a castle. Who cares? It looks great.

Other variants include Pumpkin Jam, showcased in a beautifully bright, autumnal orange; and Spiced Pear, which uses a confident golden yellow label with a glisteningly plump pear icon.

Described by the agency as "minimal", "colourful" and "modern", the designs are a refreshing change from the usual artisanal, granny's kitchen-type designs we so often see deployed for similar products.

"This packaging design uses metamorphoses as the main graphical method to emphasise the importance of eating vegetables and fruits daily," says CreativeByDefinition.

The agency adds, "Once played only by kings, the game of chess inspired this project with its elegance and mathematical precision. The packaging design was created using distinctive vegetables and fruit illustrations. In line with the entire concept, the colour palette conveys the intensity of the flavours, the freshness, and the quality of the products."


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