Concrete modular sculptures that create an optical illusion by David Umemoto

Not much is known about the Dutch printmaker MC Escher, but his familiar mind-bending artwork, Relativity, has been reproduced countless times in popular culture. You know the one. It inspired that famous scene in Jim Henson's Labyrinth, and who could forget David Bowie wandering through the optical illusion. This is what springs to mind when we consider the concrete modular sculptures of David Umemoto – featured previously.

A Canadian architect and sculptor, David's artistic approach is highly regulated, codified and rigorous. Each one of his creations seamlessly fits into a conceptual and constructive system that has been thoroughly elaborated. Interestingly, each work of art is decomposed into modular sections that can then be reorganised and reused to create new works.

As explained in his artist statement: "Every module of all the works can be interconnected physically or conceptually. Sometimes the creations take shape by spontaneous generation, and other times by transformational succession. By a series of dissections, transformations, repetitions, aggregations, they give birth to other works. In this organic process, each work although unique finds itself composed in whole or in part by elements of previous or subsequent works. Thus, the use of techniques for creating 'multiples', such as printmaking, casting or moulding, to create unique pieces is essential to his approach."

Via Behance | All images courtesy of David Umemoto


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