Conceptual illustration series interprets themes of technology, lifestyle and politics

Andrea Ucini is an Italian illustrator, living and working in Denmark. Completely self-taught, Ucini graduated with a degree in composition and classic piano from the Music Academy of Florence. However, it was the visual arts that he went on to pursue.

He explains: "Music was my first source in a new form of expression and drawing has been a deeper research in order to discover the different ways a concept or an emotion can be decoded. Illustration and music are two passions that have been with me all my life and this is what I really love to do.

"My illustration work is mostly conceptual, and I try to create a metaphor for a concept without using too much surrealism. This particular series is about our society, and the themes cover everything from technology to lifestyle and the political sphere."

We're big fans. Check out more of Andrea's work at He is represented by the Anna Goodson Illustration Agency.


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