Collection of paintings and sculptures explores visible reality through a 3D, analytical lens

Following his previous collections, Zoom and Macro, artist Rómulo Celdrán presents his latest series, HI-RES.

Focused on painting and sculpture, it explores "visible reality through the analytical lens of the 3D computer-modelling world", delving into the relationship between the art object that takes visible reality as its point of reference, and the boundaries of verisimilitude between observable reality, art and science.

Celdrán explains: "Just as photography did with the two-dimensional still image and film did with the moving image, the current digital technologies that are used to generate 3D image models are revolutionising the way we look at reality, understand it and relate to it.

"Whether it is the world of 3D scanning, 3D design or any of their multiple forms and applications (technical, medico-scientific, recreational...) the 3D digital model shows us a reality beyond reality, a hyper-real reality."

HI-RES will be presented at the Scope Basel art fair, running from 13th to 18th of June, as a solo show at Arthobler Gallery stand. For more information, visit


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