Illustrator Justyna Green confronts the issues facing women in a series of ChatGPT-generated haikus

UK-based illustrator and On Design podcast host Justyna Green has explored the most prevalent issues facing women today in a series of ChatGPT-generated haikus, for which she has also created accompanying imagery.

Launched to coincide with International Women's Day, Justyna's latest project titled What Does ChatGPT Know About Women, shrewdly brings to life the eight biggest issues that women around the world still have to fight against in everyday life, including work-life balance, sexual harassment and assault.

As its name suggests, Justyna has used ChatGPT to tackle these topics. For those not in the know, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that has been making the headlines recently for its startling ability to write evergreen content at lightning speed.

Users simply have to provide ChatGPT with data sets, outline what they want, and then sit back and watch as it generates automated text. And while this is great for websites looking to improve their SEO performance, what fresh perspective can the AI provide for more human concerns?

"I was curious about what ChatGPT will have to say about women's struggles and what that will reveal about the dataset it was trained on," Justyna tells Creative Boom. "Would the answers be biased? Or would they present common truths shared by women across the globe?"

According to Justyna's findings, the most common issues facing women include body image and self-esteem, lack of representation, racial and ethnic discrimination and an unfair balance of caregiving responsibilities. To present the results in a new light, though, Justyna asked ChatGPT to run its information through a poetic filter.

"I prompted ChatGPT to write a haiku about these issues," she adds. "This created a metaphor and an inspiration for my illustrations alongside the poems. I might have had to ask ChatGPT to check its syllable count a few times."

And while ChatGPT takes care of the words, Justyna looks after the illustrations for the series. These see the struggles highlighted by the AI brought to life in a distinctively more human way, with visual references drawing on the likes of Greek mythology to depict the gender wage gap.

Meanwhile, body image issues are represented by a monstrous green reflection leering out of a cracked mirror, the lack of work-life balance becomes a woman frantically running on a treadmill surrounded by her responsibilities, and reproductive rights nod to the recent overturning of Roe v Wade in America.

Each illustration shines in Justyna's one-of-a-kind colourful style, and she feels that the resulting work is "an honest representation of the issues women struggle with."

As for the use of AI, while this is a controversial topic, especially where artists are concerned, Justyna hopes that this series demonstrates how the likes of ChatGPT can be "harnessed by creatives to enhance their work and champion issues that are important to their hearts."


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