Ceramic Surgery: Artist explores what lies beneath the surface of popular crockery

If you've ever wondered what might happen if you could peel back a layer of a ceramic plate or mug, then artist Beccy Ridsdel is a ceramicist who loves to explore what lies beneath the surface of traditional floral dinnerware. But are the revealed layers real, or deliberately placed there to form a unique piece of art?

Explaining her thought process behind the series, Beccy said: "The installation takes the form of an observation of a surgical experiment in progress. The ‘surgeon’ is dissecting the craft object to see what is within. He finds craft through and through. He tries the experiment again and again, piling up the dissected work, hoping to see something different but it is always the same."

Beccy studied Contemporary 3D Crafts at the University of York achieving a first class honours degree in 2008. Since then she has taught ceramics and kiln formed glass and has exhibited her own work both in the UK and internationally as well as been featured in several prestigious art journals. Beccy currently teaches part-time at York College and enjoys being in her own workshop making ceramics for exhibition and private collections. Find out more at www.beccyridsdel.co.uk.

Via BoredPanda | All images courtesy of Beccy Ridsdel


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