Catalan Spirit: Street photography that reveals the warmth of Barcelona

London-based street photographer Craig Reilly – whom we've featured previously – has just returned from a trip to Barcelona where he wandered the city streets to try and capture its Catalan spirit.

Via direct submission. All images by Craig Reilly

Via direct submission. All images by Craig Reilly

Apparently, Craig was in need of a break from London and treading over familiar ground. He wanted to boost his creativity and Barcelona seemed like the perfect place to do it. He said: "I was unsure what to expect from photographing there, as doing a bit of research for inspiration, I hadn’t seen much street photography work online. This made me question how the Catalans would react to photographers close up to them; with the city not being as busy as London, it had the potential of people spotting my camera early and avoiding me straight away.

"Arriving in the city, I realised that this was something to be used as an advantage. It actually enabled me to spot interesting individuals and moments more quickly, and also allowed me to get into position more easily, without being bumped or elbowed in the process. All in all, the two days I had there were greatly rewarding, and very enjoyable. Barcelona is a beautiful city, with stunning architecture and very friendly people. This made for a great location for street photography, and it has whetted my appetite for another trip soon."

Soon after we featured Craig on Creative Boom, he was asked to join the Street Photography International collective, where other talented members include Walter Rothwell, Alan Schaller, Gagan Sadana and Ronya Galka. Discover of Craig's own work at


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