Carolyn Beehler's collaged artworks of travel adventures inspired by Vincent van Gogh

For American visual artist Carolyn Beehler, collage offers endless possibilities thanks to its "textures words and symbols that create layers of story and symbolism". In this particular series, the Music City-based creative shares her paper-based artworks inspired by travel – all using materials from books, magazines and brochures.

From biking through China and visiting a family in Hong Kong to discovering the sights in Naples and Venice, these collaged, impressionist-style images are influenced by Vincent van Gogh and Salvador Dali – who, of course, pioneered expressions of movement as well as a dreamlike fusion of unrelated images.

Carolyn graduated from O'More College of Design in 2009 and spent the next few years travelling, including a six-month stay in Shanghai. Throughout her travels and experimenting with various mediums over the years, including pen and ink, paint, and fashion illustration, she kept pushing the boundaries of paper-based collage. "I wanted find a way to manipulate paper in a way that I did with painting," she explains.

Based in Nashville, Carolyn is currently working on her latest collection based on her experiences of living in China. Discover more at


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