Bureau Mitte: The design studio truly Werken it

There's certainly no shortage of fantastic work in the portfolio of Frankfurt-based studio Bureau Mitte; and its most recent project to catch our eye is this, the fifth issue of a little magazine called Werken. Each issue of the mag focuses showcasing the work of a different artist or designer, with the latest dedicated to Norwegian designer Hans Christian Øren.

"The predominantly digitally created image landscapes are brought to life by structures from a variety of materials," says Bureau Mitte." Straight-lined, geometrical shapes are complemented by dynamic elements, whose contours appear to be continuously evolving. Object, shape and surface come together as an exciting collage. Some of Hans Christian’s works feature typographical elements, which combine a variety of types and fonts, and so create a whole new typeface."

Such reverence isn't just demonstrated in text, but in the craft and finely tuned design sensibility applied to the magazine itself. The text is bared back and minimal, allowing the images to sing, and the monochrome palette coupled with unusual crops makes for a bold yet understated finish.


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