Bulletproof's new look for the iconic identities of Cadbury and Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury and Cadbury Dairy Milk have been given a fresh new look by London design agency Bulletproof, adding a "modern twist" through new iconography and typography plus a redrawn wordmark.

The designs look to the "inherent goodness and generous spirit" of founder John Cadbury, says Bulletproof, with the wordmark referencing his signature.

Nick Rees, global creative director at Bulletproof, says: "We wanted to recapture the very spirit of Cadbury, so part of the research process involved digging into the Cadbury archives to reinterpret its iconic visual cues to create a modern and playful identity that still has a clear recognition for consumers." The Dairy Milk logotype has been recrafted alongside a distinctive Dairy Milk pattern based on the original 1905 packs. The thinking was that such reference points give "greater depth and purpose to the iconic Cadbury purple and provides an element of discovery on the packaging," the agency adds.

The overall approach in terms of look and feel, tone of voice and product story work together to reinforce the idea of the brand as natural, authentic and high quality; with the Glass and a Half logo now drawn to explicitly link with a chocolate chunk to emphasise the relationship between the ingredients and the final product's 'classic creamy taste'.

The information shown on packaging now highlights the brand's commitment to working with sustainable sources through partnerships with cocoa farmers in its Cocoa Life sustainability programme. This has been running for the past eight years, during which time Cadbury has helped to train 140,000 cocoa farmers to look after the environment. The scheme has seen 1.2 million trees planted in cocoa regions to aid in sustainable practises and help ensure cocoa farming is a viable livelihood. 'This has ensured that every Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate chunk is 100% sustainably sourced,' according to Bulletproof.

The new brand identity will first launch in Australia next month, followed by South Africa and Malaysia later in 2020. It will be on packs sold in the UK and Ireland, alongside other countries, early next year.


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