Bright and bubbly illustrations by Roberts Rurans full of bold colours and simple shapes

These charming illustrations by Riga-based illustrator, Roberts Rurans are bold and colourful, painted mostly by hand using acrylic on paper and then edited and refined digitally. "I'd say I have style, which could be described as as a playful mix of characters, simple shapes, use of textures, bright colours and witty compositions, often with a touch of humour and ease," Roberts told Creative Boom.

"I would definitely save some time by doing my illustrations digitally, but I find that quality of craft and sense of human touch with its imperfections bring the added artistic value, which clients seem to appreciate in my work," he added. "Overall, I really like the mix between the modern aesthetics of visual simplicity and traditional technique, it gets to be artsy and approachable yet does not lose the potential for commercial use."

Roberts studied Printmaking at the Art Academy of Latvia and worked part-time as a graphic designer before graduating in 2015. (He also had a brief stint in the UK, studying Illustration.) He then co-founded Overpriced, a design studio based in Riga, until he went freelance to concentrate on illustration full-time.

Today, he works for clients such as Vogue (he recently collaborated with animator Eduards Balodis to create a delightful animation about American royalists) and Madara Cosmetics (we especially love his Christmas themed illustrations to go on the brand's festive edition packaging). Discover more at


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