Tomonori Nishimura's balanced paintings of Bubble Cities and Tropical Metal Forests

If you're looking to find balance, Japanese artist Tomonori Nishimura might have the answer. His incredibly detailed paintings look for the harmony in nature and the harmony in ourselves.

"Naturality and sociality may be seen as opposite poles of a framework, which determine the process of decision-making and the principal of actions," explains Tomonori. "On one side there are instinct and emotion, on the other, there are reason and knowledge. In their relationship, feelings and notions arise from material and spiritual aspects and passion to express it. That is the driving force behind my artwork."

Born in Japan in 1978, Tomonori moved to England in 1994 where he graduated at Chelsea College of Fine Art and is now working as an artist in London. His most recent work includes two series of paintings: Bubble City and Tropical Metal Forest – some of which are featured here.

This year, Tomonori exhibited his latest works at the Start Art Fair at Saatchi Gallery in London. You can discover more at


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