Berlin illustrator Jill Senft's 'Treemendous' zine about trees and puns

We've recently discovered the work of Berlin-based illustrator Jill Senft. A graduate of Visual Communication from Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee last summer, she is now working freelance, primarily on printed media but she also loves to paint on large canvas for fun and focus on little side projects, such as one recent example – "Treemendous", an illustrated zine about trees and puns.

Full of her plumped-up characters and delightfully bright colour palette, the printed book highlights "Bigotree" and "Treeathlon" amongst its many plays on words, with Jill making up new names for her favourite types of trees.

"There was just this idea about an arboretum, to collect trees and name them in a book or kind of zine," explains Jill, "which I quickly found boring as it already exists. But that didn't detract my fascination about trees in general.

"Apart from externals and the obvious things, I was wondering what else they do for us or we do with them. During my research, I stumbled over all these English words that sounded like 'tree' to me. So I made kind of a joke with the puns in the beginning. That’s how the fun part came to life, I got motivated about the topic again and I started painting all these trees I find really fascinating and named them differently. I invented somehow new tree species like Dioptree, Treeathlon and Treeceps."


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