Benoit Paillé invites us into the fascinating world of Chateau d'eau Station 'beaters' in Paris

Benoit Paillé is a 26-year-old French-Canadian self-taught photographer whose work has been featured in publications and exhibitions all around the world.

This particular project at Chateau d’Eau in Paris focuses on the Ivoirian immigrants who work for peanuts to try and hook local punters into getting their hair cut at the salon they 'beat' for. It's a fascinating insight into the area at night and the colours and lights within these stunning portraits reflect the dark and moody feel of the place.

Every face tells a different story and leaves you wondering the same thing - what are these characters thinking? What have they been through and what have they seen? You can tell, just looking into their eyes, what they would say. But Benoit is merely experimenting with light and the way it plays on people's faces. See more of Benoit's work on Behance.


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