Beautiful sculptural wooden horses made out of broken skateboards

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is currently exhibiting Still Pushing Despite The Odds, a series of new works by Tokyo-based Japanese artist Haroshi, making it his third solo exhibition at the New York-based space.

Haroshi creates three-dimensional wooden sculptures with recycled skateboards as his primary medium, with this particular series depicting horses. Incorporating every part of the board, this self-taught artist uses his vast knowledge of the extreme sport to construct vibrantly coloured and playful works. Speaking of the unusual material, he states: “Throughout their lifespan together the skater and his board get battered, but even so they get up again to face the obstacles in their path.”

Speaking of the exhibition, the gallery says: "The artist draws upon his personal history with skateboards to sculpt with an uncanny level of precision. His tedious process begins by assembling skate decks he has carefully chosen into stacks, gluing them together and cutting the structure into a cube. He then uses an assortment of tools, including chisels and Japanese carving instruments to meticulously hand-sculpt each form, using imagery from skateboard culture as inspiration... Haroshi’s technique is akin to the ancient Japanese tradition of building wooden Buddha statues, including the conservation of materials to minimise weight and embedding an object inside the sculpture."

Via Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Discovered on Twitter @JLeVineGallery


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