Bad Bricks are Tetris-style cartoon-inspired sculptures by Richard Woods

Richard Woods has built an international reputation for his signature architectural transformations, painting and sculpture that fold the history of the decorative arts, functional design and graphic language into intoxicatingly witty plays with image and surface. His architectural interventions are chiefly concerned with the re-surfacing of existing structures, proposing an absurd twist on the cult of home improvement and DIY aesthetics.

For Cardiff's Chapter gallery, Woods has created Inclosure Acts – a new exhibition that is inspired by both the history of the building – sited as it is on a former cattle market – and by the Acts (1604-1914) that radically transformed open fields and common land in the countryside. Wall-based works reference the suburban in a series of monoprints. Based on hard-edged renditions of Mock Tudor decoration, the paintings are suburbia meets Neo Geo – the past made future.

In the café, Woods’ works Bad Bricks are beautifully simple sculptures made from wood and resembling cartoon bricks. Their vibrant colours, bright white mortar and thick black edges offer a joyous celebration of these most mundane of building materials.

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