China's eclectic culture is captured on camera by Charlie Kwai

In his latest series of photographs, London photographer Charlie Kwai heads to China to get a snapshot of the local culture.

All images courtesy of Charlie Kwai

All images courtesy of Charlie Kwai

Whether it’s jostling crowds, groups of teens, families on a day out, or people whizzing through the streets, these are stark portrayals of typical human life. Kwai picks moments that others would normally miss, making the photographs ever more vibrant.

Taking away all of the gloss and performance that a lot of photographers swear by, these photographs are anything but polished. They gave an insight into the eclectic culture on the streets of China, as lived by real people. The expressions and faces aren’t posed but happily expose eccentricities. Kwai’s Piccadilly Circus series too celebrates the comings and goings in one of London’s busiest areas.


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