Auspicious Moments by Ted Polhemus captures the gritty face of London's punk scene

Auspicious Moments promises a rare insight into the height of DIY culture through the photography of renowned youth culture photographer, anthropologist and writer Ted Polhemus.

Taking visitors on a journey to the gritty origins of the Kings Road – a local punk hotspot where teenagers would gather in droves to hang out on London’s coolest street corner – Auspicious Moments is an intimate view into the fashions, hairstyles and friendships of these roadside trendsetters.

Lomography teamed up with YOUTH CLUB Archive on this two-month-long exhibition that celebrates the vital role of West London Punks in these formative years for youth culture.

Showcasing six vibrant large-format prints in a renowned and intimate gallery space on Soho’s Newburgh Street, Auspicious Moments brings punk back to its very roots, as part of PUNK London – a citywide initiative to support the 40th anniversary of punk and subversive culture in the capital.

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Via direct submission | All images credited to Ted Polhemus & courtesy of YOUTH CLUB


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