Ari Puguh's cheerful and positive illustrations are just what we need right now

"My work speaks of cheerfulness, positivity and naivety," says Ari Puguh, an Indonesian illustrator based in Abu Dhabi.

Ari works as a full-time illustrator for an educational company in the United Arab Emirates and is a visual artist in his spare time. He studied his Bachelor of Arts at the Institute Art of Indonesia in 2014 and has since worked for MTV, published children's books and games, and launched a series of illustrations.

His latest book, Different but the Same shares the message that even though we are different, we are the same. One page reads, "Even though our religions are different, we are still best friends".

"Looking at my own childhood, I feel the need to give back and contribute something that was perhaps missing from my past, giving hope and inspiration to children, despite their circumstances and background," Ari says of his work.

At the moment, he is exploring a one-line drawing technique, playing around with lines and white space. With a light and fresh colour palette and cute happy characters, Ari's work is just the lift we need. Discover more at Behance.


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