'Archie the Reindeer' is the star of Leo Burnett's festive campaign for McDonald's

The Christmas ads are well and truly underway. And the star of this year's McDonald’s advert is Archie the Reindeer, a loveable reindeer brought alive by a little girl's imagination. In the film by Leo Burnett London, we follow the animated journey of Ellie who is eager to play a game of 'reindeers' with her older sister Jenny.

Uninterested, Jenny slams the door on her, and Ellie heads to the garden where she meets Archie the Reindeer. The two begin to play and form a close bond. When Ellie runs out of 'reindeer treats' to feed Archie, the whole family set off to McDonald’s to buy more.

It's only when we're at the drive-thru, that the scene switches from animation to real life, where we discover that Archie is, in fact, Ellie's dog dressed up in a tutu and reindeer antlers.

Commenting on the campaign, Chaka Sobhani from Leo Burnett London said: "This campaign celebrates the power of a child's imagination which comes even more to life at Christmas time. Kids have that incredible ability to embrace the magical side of Christmas and see wonder where we struggle to especially when teenagers. We hope this Christmas tale of a little girl and her tutu-wearing dog warms the heart and gets the country Reindeer Ready."

As part of the campaign, McDonald's is launching a brand-new Archie the Reindeer storybook, also available in ebook and audiobook form. Books can be ordered and downloaded from reindeerready.co.uk.


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