Ansel Krut: Verbatim – a major exhibition at Jerwood Gallery

A major survey exhibition of painting by Ansel Krut is to open at Jerwood Gallery in Sussex this May. The event will bring together a series of largely unseen paintings by the London-based artist in what will be the largest exhibition and first survey show of Krut’s work to date.

Ansel Krut: Verbatim will comprise approximately 15 paintings, including new pieces exclusive to the exhibition, as well as paintings which haven’t been seen before in the UK, which will profile the output of this extraordinary and influential artist.

Krut’s painting focuses around subverting still life by linking objects to create improbable, playful and often dark human forms. He ascribes much of the unsettling imagery in his paintings to growing up in Apartheid in South Africa. His grotesque and provocative inventions, drawing on paradoxes, vaudeville and peep show, are poised between absurdity and moral criticism. Krut’s technique involves constructing his surface with layers of nuanced paint application in which there is a strong relationship to drawing and pictorial space.


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