A luminous, dystopian dark forest made entirely from a week of non-recyclable trash

Clare Celeste Börsch's latest body of work, Swan Song, is equal parts luminous and dystopian – a dark forest made entirely of non-biodegradable and single-use plastics and packaging.

Created from a week's worth of "trash collection", including discarded ECE foam packaging and hundreds of straws, the American artist felt it sobering to see how easily the material for the installation was amassed. The title is supposed to be open-ended: is the Swan Song for single-use plastics or for the Anthropocene?

Based in Berlin, Clare Celeste Börsch has been assimilating to different cultures and environments her entire life – having lived in Brazil, the US, Italy, Honduras, Argentina, and Germany. Rich with texture and detail, each composition pays tribute to her capacity to transform her archive of experiences into hallucinogenic ecosystems of their own. Discover more at: www.clareceleste.com.


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