A 20-foot sculpture of Prime Minister Theresa May washes up on a British beach

As the fate of the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, her government and the future of the nation hangs in the balance, a 20-foot sculpture of the embattled politician, emerging from the sea, fractured and spilling plastic waste onto the shore has appeared on a British beach.

The temporary installation has been created by Lazerian, a Manchester-based creative studio, led by artist, Liam Hopkins, to directly criticise the UK’s 'A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment', published earlier this year. Liam believes the report falls well short of the urgent need to change consumer and commercial behaviours to save lives. It’s timing, when May struggles to fend off dissent from her own colleagues, seeks to underline the weakness in Westminster.

Made predominantly out of recycled materials using 3D modelling technology and traditional hand-working methods, the giant likeness of Theresa May was transported to the Llŷn Peninsula coastal location before being symbolically fractured on the waterfront in a carefully controlled installation.

"The plastic waste 25-year plan is rubbish and more needs to be done and sooner," explains Liam. "The public is increasingly relating to images of animals being washed up full of plastic and starving to death due to their stomachs being full of our disposable plastics instead of food, but human lives are at risk of our total disregard of the environment too.

"We should have been shocked into more urgent action by now. By washing the Prime Minister up onto a beach, perhaps a more comfortable position for her than amongst her own MPs at the moment, maybe more people, inside and outside government, will take notice."

You can watch a video about the project, or visit www.lazerian.com.


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