36 Days of Type meets Accidentally Wes Anderson

Imagine combining two, possibly three or four, of your greatest loves in an unexpected side project of typography, architecture, papercraft and Wes Anderson aesthetic. Manchester-based designer Mel Edwards has indulged in just that, creating a series of letters inspired by typical Anderson buildings.

In what is described as a '36 Days of Type meets Accidentally Wes Anderson', Mel has taken her passion for tactile, handmade craft and paper to pay tribute to Willy Koval and his recent bestselling book.

"One of the key characteristics of the Accidentally Wes Anderson photos is their hyper-stylised symmetry but since the alphabet isn't all symmetrical, I have simply focused on pastel-coloured architecture," she tells Creative Boom.

Although at first glance, one might think these are digital creations, they are, in fact, made entirely of paper. And each letter on average took about seven hours to make. "The whole project has taken roughly 250 hours in total – not including the photography and editing," she adds.

Mel studied Graphic & Communication Design at Leeds University. Since graduating in 2017, she has been focusing on her freelance papercraft and tactile design whilst working full-time as a graphic designer at Wigan Council.

"I take inspiration from other artists and designers in all different disciplines. I also take inspiration from the mundane and enjoy finding beauty in the 'everyday'," says Mel. "I love visiting different cities but usually when I come back instead of a camera roll filled with snaps of me and my friends, I have an album of images of over-turned bins and close crops of colourful buildings. I think this is particularly evident in my latest project."

Of course, if you want to see more (and why wouldn't you), you can follow Mel Edwards' journey on Instagram where her 36 Days of Type project is well underway.


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