Counter-Print Packaging: a modern compendium of the world's best packaging design

Counter-Print has just launched its latest book, Counter-Print Packaging – a modern exploration of packaging design, featuring a selection of the best work from around the world carried out in this field.

Compiled by Counter-Print's founders Céline Leterme and Jon Dowling, the casebound book also contains interviews and case studies from some of the world’s most renowned agencies, with their work gathered into groupings such as food, drink, cosmetics, confectionery, fashion and home.

"The art of packaging design represents a playground of opportunities for the designer," says Céline. "The numerous and varied quantities of consumer products, that are produced in modern society, resulting in one of the widest ranges of applications of all the forms of graphic design. Each product requires unique and individual packaging to set itself apart from the competition when it reaches its retail destination, making it both a difficult and highly rewarding challenge.

"The challenge for us, collating the book, was to gather the work we felt really stood out within its product grouping. Of course, this is very subjective – hence the name Counter-Print Packaging – it’s really the work we personally feel should be recognised, over the past few years."

Céline adds: "As publishers, looking for participants, we asked ourselves the kind of questions of the packaging design that might suggest effective communication. Whether the packaging acts as an effective communication mechanism for its contents and as a reflection of the brand’s message. How does it encourage potential buyers to purchase the product and what are the visceral cues that might affect the consumer’s perception?

"Done well, it is deceptively simple but that is not to say it is easy to achieve. Nor was it easy to decide on what to put in and what to leave out!"

The book is out now and available to purchase via Counter-Print at Priced at £19.50.


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