DesignThinkers in Amsterdam lies just off the city's famous canals

Welcome to the home of DesignThinkers, a leading innovation agency in Amsterdam, right in the heart of the city's beautiful canal network. The agency helps organisations around the world to make the transition from being strictly product orientated and sales driven to being service orientated and human centred. They help them to design brands, product service systems and cultures of trust. Their team consists of designers from a variety of backgrounds, together with creative business thinkers and consultants...

In DesignThinkers' own words:

"To be successful we need to bring out the creative side of our clients, so our studio is designed to facilitate that. It is situated on Herengracht, right in the heart of the Amsterdam canal network. We use it primarily as a collaborative workshop and innovation space.

"We bring our clients here to escape from their normal day-to-day monotone cubicles and conference rooms, which they seem to love. We designed the space ourselves to be comfortable, collaborative and engaging, but also thought provoking so that occupants will share and develop new ideas, but above all to 'Think Different'.

"We designed much of the furniture ourselves and get it made for us, but other classic design pieces are used to inspire the team too. In fact, many people walk in off the street thinking it is a designer furniture store. The walls are painted with IdeaPaint as a giant white-space for team based co-creation activities. We also use CoroCall high definition video-conferencing to connect the studio with our network of over 3000 members of the Design Thinking Network across the world. Our activities tend to last the whole day so we have provided breakout areas for sharing food and goodies, and most importantly, great coffee!"

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of DesignThinkers


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