The Click is Norwich has a bright and airy workspace

Today we're taking a peek at the studio of The Click), an independent creative design consultancy based in Norwich. In The Click's own words: "We have recently moved into a new studio, just two doors down from our previous address. While sharing a space with several other businesses had many advantages, we were keen to have a studio to call our own, especially after welcoming two new additions to our team.

"Much of June was spent preparing 'Lion House' for our arrival. We completed the majority of the work ourselves, necessitating a few late nights, and the finished product suits us perfectly. We wanted to keep the studio as crisp and clean as possible, so standard issue magnolia was swapped for a fresh white and grey colour scheme. The breeze block wall at the end of the studio was a lucky discovery, hidden behind tired plasterboard that cracked under a coat of paint.

"We have ample space for eight desks, allowing us to offer regular placements to graduates over the Summer and accommodate freelancers if need be. The waiting area (usually stocked with the latest issues of Vogue, Esquire and Wallpaper) and separate meeting room allow us to accommodate clients and discuss projects away from the main studio floor. Staff facilities and server room are tucked out of sight, and we have made an effort to keep cables hidden as far as possible.

"The end result is a bright and airy space that satisfies any latent obsessive compulsive tendencies and is a real pleasure to work in."


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