Take a look at Stevyn Colgan's loveable messy studio in Buckinghamshire

Today we're taking a peek at the studio of Stevyn Colgan, an illustrator, painter and writer based in Buckinghamshire. After a series of careers ranging from lecturer, chef and police officer, he became a professional artist in 2006. In the Autumn of that year, he was chosen as the official artist for the national children’s school book fair (run by Scholastic) and illustrated the interior of a celebrity memoir about childhood and fishing for the NSPCC.

He has illustrated several books, provided artwork for magazine and newspaper articles and then became one of the regular team creating the QI Annuals every Christmas to accompany the BBC TV series. His artwork has also appeared on the show resulting in a name check from Stephen Fry and the comment from Jack Dee that perhaps the panel should ‘get together and draw Steve.’ The majority of his work takes the form of private commissions of paintings. He is currently writing his third book and developing an animated series for television.


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