Save time and effort: speed up document sign-off with Eversign

It’s incredible, when you think about it, how much of our time working as freelance designers is spent not designing.

Image licensed via Adobe Stock

Image licensed via Adobe Stock

While being our own boss should mean we get more hours to be creative, much of our time ends up devoted to tedious admin.

But in a way, we only have ourselves to blame. After all, how often do we sit down and think hard about how to make the business side of our operation more efficient?

Time drain

Take a simple task such as having documents - such as contracts, Non-Disclosure Agreements, scope agreements, or waivers - signed.

Even though we increasingly live our lives online, when it comes to signing a document, or getting someone else to do so, we go tumbling back down the rabbit hole of paper-based administration.

Usually this involves time-wasting procedures such as (deep breath)... sending the document to print, checking the printer to see why it isn't working, adding new toner or fixing a paper jam. Or it could mean searching around for a pen, finding a pen but then discovering it’s out of ink, finding another pen and signing the document, scanning in the signed version, emailing it back to the other party, then finding a place to file the physical copy.

And that's if we're in our home office to start. If we're out, working in a coffee shop, for instance, we'd have to head back home to sort it all out.

But the good news is, none of this faffing around is necessary.

Digital solution

Electronic signatures are legally valid in the US, Europe and around the world. And so there’s no real reason why we should still be wasting our time with such outdated procedures.

The good news is, there’s an app that provides and faster, simpler and more reliable alternative to outdated paper-based methods of document creation and signing.

Eversign provides a professional, browser-based interface through which you can create your e-signature, apply it to documents, and invite others to affix their e-signatures to your documents.

It’s so simple to use; you’ll wonder why no one ever thought of this before.

What it can do

There are lots of ways you can create your signature. You can draw it with your finger or stylus on your smartphone or tablet touchscreen. Or you can upload a photo of your physical signature. You can also type your name, and Eversign will create a handwriting-like signature for you to use.

Applying your signature to documents is even easier than that. Eversign’s document editor allows you to edit individual documents and add your signature to them using a drag-and-drop interface, which is so simple to use. Or, if you have a lot of standard documents that need to be signed over and over again, Eversign allows you to create templates that simplify and speed up the process even further.

Of course, digital documents nowadays come at us from a variety of sources. So handily, Eversign allows you to use a wide range of platforms - including Google Drive, Dropbox, Zoho, Salesforce and Evernote - to prepare your documents.

In terms of storing your completed documents, there’s no need to worry any further: you can store all your signed documents securely in the Eversign cloud, which is fully searchable in case you need to find something later. Plus it’s easy to keep track of all your activity, as it’s all presented clearly and concisely every time you visit your dashboard.

Advanced features

And that’s just the basics. Eversign offers further advanced features you can dive into as you get used to the service.

For example, there’s Sequential Signing, which allows you to get a document signed by many people in a specific order. Similarly, the Parallel Signing feature is there when you need to get several people to sign a document simultaneously.

Get started

So how much does all this cost? Here’s the best news of all. It’s free to get started today with Eversign.

And why wouldn't you? Whether you’re a freelancer who signs a couple of contracts a month or an agency CEO who has to deal with hundreds a week, Eversign scales perfectly to your needs, will save you time and money, and give you peace of mind.

Check it out by signing up for a free account here.

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