How to survive your first year of freelancing, with Robert Lomas

Known for producing bold and colourful work full of optimism, Robert Lomas is an independent designer working across animation, illustration and branding.

Based in Manchester, but originally from Blackpool, Robert has over 12 years of experience in the creative industries and has worked with everyone from startups through to large organisations such as Arts Council England, Barnardo's, The Rivers Trust, and The NHS.

Up until recently, he was the lead designer and animator at Design By Day – one of the hardest working design studios in Manchester – but in 2019 he decided to launch his own business and now works independently.

Aside from freelance work, Robert loves to indulge in side projects to flex his creative muscles and learn new skills. His epic 36 Days of Type last year forced him to create an animated letter of the alphabet every day for over a month. And in 2016, he created Purple, an exhibition that brought together 32 artists from across the globe to celebrate the one and only, Prince. Those involved included Stan Chow, Leona Beth, Studio Muti, Craig&Karl, Malcolm Garrett, Hey, Garbett Design, and Michael C Place.

If anyone knows Robert, they'll tell you he's one of the nicest designers in the industry, as he's passionate about supporting others, spreading positivity and giving back wherever possible. We met in Manchester before lockdown and enjoyed a fun and honest conversation, full of reassuring wisdom to help all of us become better creatives.

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