Why your health depends on following your dreams, with Murugiah

This week's guest is Murugiah, the London-based, award-winning artist and designer who creates surreal and colourful, often hallucinogenic artworks for the likes of Apple, Disney, Marvel, Facebook, Penguin, and Vans.

Born and raised in the UK with Sri Lankan heritage, Murugiah trained as an architect in London before choosing his current creative path, specialising in illustration, art direction, typography and design. Sharm, as he's also known, describes his work as "joyful, loud and unapologetic abandon and with a South Asian impression using bright bold colours and detailed graphical compositions".

In this episode, we chat about the power of discovering who you truly are, and why it’s so important to stop comparing ourselves to others. We talk about doing what we love for a living and why finding that happy path isn't always easy. We explore Sharm's creativity, his passions, what inspires him. From cats, tattoos and movies to video games, fold-up bicycles and vintage sneakers – we get a real look into Murugiah's kaleidoscope world. If you’re keen to go freelance or are struggling to find your creative voice, our chat will be especially helpful.

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