Overcoming loss and why family comes first, with Liam Hopkins & Claire McDivitt

British artist and designer Liam Hopkins and specialist printer Claire McDivitt are our next guests for The Creative Boom Podcast.

If you're based in Manchester, then you'll know and love these partners in both business and life, as they're hugely supportive of the local creative community and are familiar, friendly faces at most popular events.

Liam is the man behind Lazerian, a creative studio specialising in architectural decoration, exhibitions, lighting, furniture, jewellery, and sculpture. His clients include Bloomberg, Virgin, Habitat, Wallpaper*, the Mobo Awards and Nestle. 'Lazerian' is the middle name of Liam's father, who emigrated from Old Leighlin in Ireland, the home of Saint Lazerian. This gives you a hint at the man behind the famous Gerald dog logo, which we find out more about in this interview.

Claire, meanwhile, runs Lost Heritage, a firm that offers letterpress printing, laser cutting and engraving, CNC routing and everything in-between. There isn't a sign, building, shopfront or window in Manchester or much of the North West of England that hasn't enjoyed some of Claire's expertise in print.

On Christmas Day, after a challenging year, Liam surprised his family with probably the best gift you can imagine. We sat down to chat about their creative lives. But be warned: alongside lots of inevitable laughs, there are also a few tears.

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