Graduating as a creative during a global pandemic, with Kofi Nelson

Kofi Nelson is a multidisciplinary artist from Manchester who's just graduated with honours in graphic design from the University of Salford; a subject he discovered in high school after enjoying art. But he's also finding success with music production.

At 16 years old, Kofi picked up an iPad and began playing with some software. Skip to nearly five years later, and he's collaborated with musicians locally as well as internationally, branded and released his first EP, and created music for a documentary series by London photographer and filmmaker, Sophia Carey. But to meet him, you wouldn't think he'd had all this success, or that his music has been played in clubs around the world, as he's so humble and unassuming.

He also doesn't seem too discouraged as, like all recent graduates, he is entering the working world under the shadow of Covid-19 and an uncertain economy. We invited Kofi to chat about how he feels about the future and what plans he has in store. We also talk about music and its accessibility, overcoming self-doubt, and finding ways to stay creative during difficult times.

Sadly, this is the last episode of season one of The Creative Boom Podcast. We hope you've enjoyed this adventure with me and found encouragement and motivation from the many chats we've had with creatives over the last six months. We're taking a break with podcasting for a while but will be back with season two in 2021.

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